Saturday, 14 June 2014

the Sherlock homes was go to his home. at the road that time side of the road a dead body. he look the dead body and falling paper or mobile he take it. he call to dead body's husband. he said "your wife is dead in murder please come " the husband came in 15 minutes that time the Sherlock homes said " he is the killer "

How can he say the husband is killer? think and answer and response me....

I will waiting.........
With the sun shining in the sky
Birds are back home with the fly
sun will set rose will tomorrow
rode of success we are follow
see the sea, sea is giant
out side he rough but under side silent
air is fresh make mind clear 
go up and up don't look near
sun was set success is clue.
anywhere, anytime confidence couldn't you loose!
Like a sun Shining in the world
Like a water education aren't old
Like a air Live very fresh
Like a moon Give to another flash 
Like a tree Life for another
Like a sky Control the whether
Success in near words
Keep moving forward